If you are a serious musician or band, you want to practise often to make sure you sound the best you can when you play gigs. At Media in Motion Studios we understand that its really hard to find a place for your band to practise LOUD without annoying the neighbours or people you live with. We also know that even if you hire a space of your own like a storage shed or industrial building it can be very costly and you still may find that somebody complains about the noise. Most of these types of places are only thin, tin walled buildings that offer terrible acoustics and no soundproofing whatsoever. And, sometimes you just cant be bothered loading up your car with all your gear, taking it to rehearsal, unloading, setting up, practising, packing down, loading up again and then unloading once again when you get home, especially if you study or work during the day and only have time to rehearse in the evenings.

Never fear, we are here to help you!

We have a large soundproof Liveroom for use as rehearsal space for anyone needing somewhere to practise, either on their own or with a band. A vocal PA with mics, stands and leads is supplied and backline equipment is available at a small extra cost if required. This is our Studio Live room but we are also, in the near future, look8ng to build a smaller dedicated rehearsal room to compliment our Liveroom. More info on that to come soon.

  • Rehearsal Room costs start at $40 an hour plus GST and discounts apply to multiple hour one off bookings (3 hours or more) and regular weekly bookings paid a week in advance via direct debt into our bank account. 
  • Standard hourly rate 1 off booking (up to 2 hours):$40 plus GST per hour
  • 1 off booking multiple hourly rate (3 hours +):$35 plus GST per hour
  • Regular weekly prepaid booking hourly rate (up to 2 hours): $30 plus GST per hour
  • Regular weekly prepaid booking hourly rate (3 hours +):$25 plus GST per hour

Backline available:

  • Bass Amp: $10.00 plus GST
  • Guitar Amp: $10.00 plus GST
  • Drum Kit (single pedal supplied, BYO double pedal and Cymbals) $15.00 plus GST
  • Keyboard: $10.00 plus GST
  • Extra mic and lead: $5.00 plus GST

Contact us for more info on +64 7 808 1226 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.