We've tried to make booking at Media In Motion Studios as simple and easy as possible.  If you have any questions at any stage , please get in touch and we'll happily answer them for you.  Otherwise follow the steps and links on this page.

Step 1. Understand the different parts of the recording process: from Pre-Production to Mastering

If this is your first time in a professional recording studio (or even if you haven't used us before) we prefer to talk face to face where possible. This gives us a better idea of what you want and gives you a better idea of who we are and what we do. There are lots of components to producing recorded sound.

Step 2. Read our Terms and Conditions.

We know it's a bit tedious, but please read our terms and conditions  BEFORE making a booking.  Not joking.  We haven't buried anything in small print, but you should be aware of both your responsibilities, and ours, before committing to a booking.

Download Terms and Conditions

Step 3. Check availability. 

Check studio availability on our calendar below.  

Step 4. Get in touch.

Give us a ring or fill out the form so we can get all the technical things out of the way. The more we know the better prepared we can be.

MIM Studios Booking Form


Post – production services required (please note this is at additional cost)


A 25% deposit is required along with this form to secure any booking.

Once we have approved the dates required we will send an invoice to the email address provided with the deposit amount to be paid. Once we have received payment we will send a confirmation email to the contact person on this form with the details of the recording session booked.

No booking will be considered solid until payment of the deposit is received and funds have cleared in the MIM Studios Ltd bank account.


PLEASE NOTE: Regardless of circumstances, bookings not cancelled or rescheduled at least 48 hours prior to their start time will be charged at full rate.


I Agree

Step 5. Pay a Deposit.

Once we receive your booking form we will send you an invoice for your deposit. We need a 25% deposit to secure your booking, which is NON-REFUNDABLE in the event that you cancel your booking or just don't show up (which incredibly has happened).  

Once the deposit funds are cleared you will then receive an email confirming your booking.